Tornado Safe Room Updates

Posted by Lynn Evans on 12/20/2017 8:00:00 AM

Most of our readers have probably seen articles in the newspaper, or on TV news, about the "Grand Opening" of the tornado safe room in Alta.  This event was held on December 15th to celebrate the school taking possession of the building after the substantial completion date.  I have had the privilege of being a part of a number of building projects and remodeling projects in schools and this is the first one that was actually "substantially complete" on the originally scheduled date.  This is in large part to the great work of our architect (WWA), the general contractor (L&L Builders) and all of the sub-contractors working together as a team.  
"Substantially complete" does not mean totally done.  There are a few items left to compete.  The newly remodeled elementary office is totally complete and we have begun the process of moving in.  Elementary office operations and the newly constructed main entrance will be in use immediately after the Christmas break.  The procedure for entrance into the building remains the same as before construction.  Visitors (after the beginning of the school day) will need to push the intercom button to the left of the door to request entrance.
One part that the school has not yet taken possession (at the time of writing this article) is the preschool space.  The finish work on the floor was not accepted by the owner (the school), and work to correct it has been scheduled to begin January 2nd. 
Originally, the plan was to relocate the preschool over the holiday break, but that will be put on hold until that work on the flooring is completed and formally accepted.  It is entirely possible that the preschool will remain in its current location for the remainder of the school year, at this point, with the final move taking place over the summer.  Not what we had hoped for, but in my mind, that facility is going to stand for many years after most of us are gone.  It is more important that it is completed to our intended specifications rather than rushing to get moved in.  Overall, the work has been impressive and all parties have been great to work with on this exciting addition to our school system!