Lessons Learned from another Move

Posted by William Walters on 3/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

     When you take your family place to place over the course of several years moving can become pretty ordinary to a family. My two oldest were Juniors when we came to Alta-Aurelia. Gabe and Ella will both graduate from here this coming May. They have changed schools several times because of my career in school administartion. Anytime I was looking at possibly moving I always asked them and the rest of the famil what they thought of having to potentially move again. They have always been supportive  of our changes. We have four children at home. Gabe & Ella are Seniors, Alisha is in sixth grade, and Kathryn is in third grade. This move has been exceptionally diificult for the twins. Largely because of grade they are in. Friendships have long been established and new faces aren't always naturally welcome. This can be found in most schools. 

     My younger children seem to role with the changes a great deal easier. Younger children are way more accepting to a new face in the class. If you're ever considering a move to a new community, make sure your kids are prepared for what comes next. Especially if you have high school age children. We don't regret the moves we've made over the years. However, my wife Elizabeth and I should of done a better job preparing our children for the realities that come with a major move. We needed to listen more and talk less to our kids. Your children will let you know how they really feel in time, but you have to be ready to listen. As children get older, divisions start to form with peer groups. This is a naturally progression of school age children. Asking your kids to find a new peer group because of a move you initiated is much more challenging then we adults think. 

     Being accepted by your peers in school is something every child wants. For some, it comes very easy. For most it is a challenge everyday. Your children may be telling you one thing, but feeling something completely different. Please be aware of that if your moving or going through any major family change. They need you to listen and ask them how they are feeling. What we as adults think they can handle can in reality be very different.